The other criteria for accepting a One Lovely Blog Award are:

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  2. Thank your nominator.
  3. List seven (7) facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you did.
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Well thanks oc15!! I haven’t been in this bloggersphere community for very long but in the short time I have been here, I must say, the guys and gals are really supportive and nonjudgmental. Oc15 at Hello My name is Tubeless and I went through our cycle at the same time and seem to be growing babes at the same rate too! I really like having another IVF gal to go through this with. So thanks lady πŸ™‚

And I don’t know if I have 15 but I’ll give it a go.

7 Facts about Moi!

1. I love my animals beyond words. Loki, our 12 year old malamute (he came with the hubby) I know is getting older but looks as sprightly as ever. Indie, my first born ;), is an 8 year old long coat German Shepherd. She’s a bit of a rescue and has many challenges particularly with other dogs. She’s from show lines and was with me when I worked in the bush. I have a really special bond with her. Nikita, the baby, is 4 and another German Shepherd. She’s a working line from Germany and I took my time to find the right lines I wanted. I feel incredibly lucky to have her and train her. Yes….I’m into dog sport stuff lol. She’s an incredible dog, so powerful but truly has an on/off switch. She loves kids and I never worry about taking her anywhere, ever. I want to clone her! Goose, a feral we got when he was a kitten, is now 4 as well and is BFF’s with Nikita but is a serious outside hunter! He comes when he’s called, tells me when he’s hungry (takes my to the pantry) or tells me when he wants treats (takes me to the cupboard). He’s my first feline….ever! I was terrified of all cats. I wore ski gloves to pick up him the first 2 months he was with us haha. Annnnd the real baby, Jett, is now a year old. She’s just the sweetest but has a real wild side too (another rescue). She’s fluffy and black and only weighs 4 lbs but looks about 10 with her fur. Oh gosh…I’m a total animal nut! I would judge me too…haha.

2. I met my husband tree planting one summer on the coast. I’m from the east, went to uni back east, he’s from the Peg, now we live in the west and the rest is history.

3. My parents were military so I’ve lived a little bit of all over Canada.

4. I used to define myself by how tough I was mentally and physically, how in shape I was. It was all very very important to me. Athletics defined me. Then endometriosis, infertility and IVF happened and none of it matters anymore. One day, I’ll be that physical type person again but right now, my health isn’t defined by my body weight, how fast I can do 21k or 42k, how much I can squat or how flexible I am in the last hot yoga class. Getting through a successful pregnancy is my new goal.

5. I’m painfully logical and rational – I’m just not overly emotional. But I think that’s changing…I cried watching that darn Dodge Caravan commercial! This is very new ground for me!

6. My parents decided to have kids again when I was a preteen to my siblings are 10 and 12 years younger than I am. then all my aunts and uncles had kids at the same time. I have a lot of experience with babies and they just don’t phase me. My mom said that she thinks we’re having twins because one would have been too easy for me LOL…we’ll see about that.

7. Since being in this IF/IVF world, I’ve learned to sew, quilt, crochet and scrapbook.Β  I worked in a bakery all throughout high school so I’ve always done some cake decorating when asked but took classes with a friend last year for something to do.

Alrighty, here goes with my nominations!

Project Infant

The Almost Mom

My Perfect Breakdown (I’m sure you’ve been nominated a dozen times over but you do have a really great blog ;))

Waiting for baby bird (You too! I swear some days we’ve read the same passages)





So it’s apparent that I should likely get more active in this community but I do really enjoy reading the blogs of the gals I do read πŸ™‚ Happy Blogging!


9 thoughts on “OLBA

  1. Oh, thank you so much!! I am so touched. Please know that I too adore your blog and am thankful to have you in my life.
    And, I totally get being painfully logic and practical – until RPL entered my life! I have found emotions within me that i never knew I existed (and I’m not convinced I needed to know existed). And, I too have started to learn new things in the last two years – I even just signed up my husband and another couple for a glass blowing class! If nothing else, this journey is getting me in touch with my crafty side! :).

    1. It really does πŸ™‚ Watching my gf’s have babies for the first time and them being mothers makes me really appreciate that I don’t have to go through that awkward ‘how do I hold my baby’ phase.

      1. Yup! My husband’s the youngest, and even his cousins aren’t more than two years younger, so he was so adorably panicking at his first startle reflex!

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